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Company Overview

Established in 2001, Zubat Nine is a South African based consulting house specializing in software development for the financial services industry. We pride ourselves on an exceptional understanding of the South African stock broking environment and our capability of delivering efficient and economical solutions to stockbrokers, asset managers, the hedge fund industry and other financial services providers.

Equipped with a wealth of experience in mission critical applications, our people are highly qualified from both a business and a technical perspective in designing, developing and integrating efficient, reliable and cost effective systems. Our commitment extends to staying abreast of developments in the marketplace and being ready to deliver new features in time, ensuring our clients competitive advantage.

our services

Our services range from the turnkey systems developed for the financial services industry to the bespoke development of high-quality solutions in the financial domain. We strive to achieve high levels of scalability and integration with various other systems such as the JSE BDA, SARS, certain offshore brokers/vendors, email systems, Microsoft Office applications like Word and Excel. Our expert consultants can help you to design solutions and assist business by advising on change policies, processes and architectural changes.